Education Committee

The Education Committee plans, coordinates and implements the training sessions for the MoCCFOA at the annual Spring Institute, the Fall MML Conference and the Regional Training, in conjunction with the liaisons from the Missouri Municipal League and an IIMC approved university.

Ongoing Goals:
  • Create, and keep current, a notebook or electronic file with information on objectives of the Committee, timelines, the duties of Chairman and Committee responsibilities to be passed to the incoming Chair.
  • Complete participation from all Committee members. Members not participating will not receive a certificate of participation.
  • Each Division and Committee will have a page on the web site that shall be kept current.
  • Explore the possibility/feasibility of offering conference breakout sessions. (This type of session does not qualify for IIMC Credit.  Offer for possible MoCCFOA credit.)
  • Continue to focus on providing nationally recognized speakers for master academies.
  • Offer interactive sessions, i.e. mock council meetings, etc.
  • Offer legislative overview session at Spring Institute
  • Allow questions to be submitted prior to New Clerks Conference

Education Committee:    
Amy Edwards* (Co-Chair) (816)858-3716
JoAnn Cova* (Co-Chair) (314)738-2211
Megan Eldridge (573)721-2833
Octavia Pittmann (314)521-7721
Helen Ingold (314)729-4711
Melissa Ziemianin (417)223-4368
Bev Baker
Crystal Doss
Cory Snead
Jodi Schneider (636)462-7609
Tonya Hawkins (636)462-7612
Jessica Lowrey (573)688-2584