Historian Committee

Responsible for all historical records of the Association.  This committee shall obtain articles and/or pictures regarding the organization and its members and keep records of minutes and other hard copy documents as appropriate.

Ongoing Goals:

  • Create, and keep current, a notebook or electronic file with information on objectives of the Committee, timelines, the duties of Chairman and Committee responsibilities to be passed to the incoming Chair.
  • Complete participation from all Committee members. Members not participating will not receive a certificate of participation.
  • Each Division and Committee will have a page on the web site that shall be kept current.
  • Move forward with scanning historical documents.
  • Develop a record retention schedule for the Association.
  • Explore "cloud" storage with member access for historical records.
  • Add additional records to the inventory document as they are received in Joplin, Missouri
  • Archive newsletters
  • Develop history of the Association.
  • Consider using Photobucket site for pictures from events and manage all organization of photos.
  • Consider changing name of committee to more relevant name, i.e. Archive Committee, Records Management committee (To be considered with the Strategic Plan Committee review and By-Laws Committee).
  • Photographer to be member of this Committee (To be considered with the Strategic Plan Committee review and By-Laws Committee).
  • Prepare budget for photobucket and cloud storage; send to Budget Committee.
  • Encourage members to identify photos.
Committee Members      
Pam Clement, Chair O'Fallon (636) 379-5555 pclement@ofallon.mo.us
Ashley McNamara Town & Country (314) 587-2806 mcnamaraan@town-and-country.org
June Frazier Clayton (314) 290-8469 jfrazier@claytonmo.gov
Jessica Lowrey Lilbourn (573) 688-2584 lilbournclerk@yahoo.com
Hillary Briand Branson (417) 337-8522 hbriand@bransonmo.gov
Helen Ingold Crestwood (314) 729-4711 hingold@cityofcrestwood.org
Bess Bacher O'Fallon (636) 379-5555 bbacher@ofallon.mo.us