The President shall appoint all committees needed for the effective execution of the programs of the Association, except as set forth in Article X relative to the Nominating Committee.

In addition to any committee deemed appropriate and necessary, committees appointed shall include the following:
Budget & Finance
Outstanding Clerk
Public Relations
Retirement/A Circle of Friends
Strategic Plan Review

The President shall designate the Chairman of each committee except the Budget & Finance Committee, which is chaired by the Treasurer.  The Chairman shall be responsible for calling meetings and directed committee activities.  All committees of this Association shall have recommending authority only.  They shall undertake no action which incurs a liability for the Association.  They shall authorize no expenditures except under the direction of the President for expenses specifically authorized in the budget adopted by the membership. All recommendations made to the membership through the President by a committee shall have a financial impact statement clearly noting the anticipated expense or income generated by such proposal.  Committee reports shall be made as called for by the President.  The reports may be oral or written at the President's discretion.  Each committee chairman shall submit to the treasurer by August 30 a proposed budget that identifies funds that committee expects to contribute or expend during the next fiscal year.