Oversight Committee

Duties are to verify that the Organization is receiving services from the University as outlined in the approved contract.  At the conclusion of each conference the committee will audit the University's accounting by reviewing the bills as well as the money received for registration and sponsorships.  The President and Oversight Committee Chairman will no sign off for payments until the committee is satisfied that all obligations have been met.

Ongoing Goals:
  • Create, and keep current, a notebook or electronic file with information on objectives of the Committee, timelines, the duties of Chairman and Committee responsibilities to be passed to the incoming Chair.
  • Complete participation from all Committee members. Members not participating will not receive a certificate of participation.
  • Each Division and Committee will have a page on the web site that shall be kept current.
  • Improve communication to the membership on the results of the review of the MSU contract
  • Maintain transparency
Oversight Committee      
Lindsay Krumpelman* Marceline (660) 376-3528 lindsay.krumpelman@marcelinemo.us
Crystal Doss North Kansas City (816) 412-7818 cdoss@nkc.org
Traci Cox Carthage (417) 237-7000 t.cox@carthagemo.gov
Lindsay Krumpelman Marceline (660) 376-3528 lindsay.krumpelman@marcelinemo.us
Tim Lacy Shelbina (573) 985-4041 cityclerk@cityofshelbina.com
Bobbi Limberg Owensville (573) 437-2812 bobbil@cityofowensville.com
Pamela Clement O'Fallon (636) 379-5555 pclement@ofallon.mo.us
Tonya Foster  Houston (417) 967-3348 citytonya@yahoo.com
Colleen Hinshaw Mercer (660) 382-4210 citymrcr@grm.net
Pam Kearbey Poplar Bluff (573) 686-8618 pkearbey@pbutilities.com
Ivone Smith Malden (573) 276-4502 cityclerk@maldenmo.org