Retirement/Circle of Friends Committee

The objective of this committee is to keep in contact with retirees of the Association and to invite them to the Annual Conference Banquet.


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Ongoing Goals:
  • Create, and keep current, a notebook or electronic file with information on objectives of the Committee, timelines, the duties of Chairman and Committee responsibilities to be passed to the incoming Chair.
  • Complete participation from all Committee members. Members not participating will not receive a certificate of participation.
  • Each Division and Committee will have a page on the web site that shall be kept current.
  • Ensure retirees get the newsletter via email
  • At Spring Institute banquet recognize retirees from the previous year and all retirees in attendance-name, division, city, and length of service
  • Hold special social hour at Spring Institute and invite all members to attend
  • Communication from Committee upon life membership achievement
  • Contact Newsletter Committee so that life membership announcements can be included
Life Member Committee/Circle of Friends
Courtney Crowson,Chair Fulton (573) 592-3113
Mary Lou Rainwater Truesdale (636) 456-3166
Patti Ledford Belton (816) 331-4331
Helen Ingold Crestwood (314) 729-4711
Dorothy Matthews Hanley Hills (314) 725-0909
Laurie Asche Kirkwood (314) 984-5941