MoCCFOA Master Academies

1/2 Day Master Academy @ Spring Institute

March 12, 2017      12-4 PM      (4 Contact Hours) 
Great Leaders GROW: Becoming a Leader for Life
Presenter: Rex Osborn
Looking to the future for a moment....What kind of leader are you striving to be? One who is always ready to face the next challenge? Or the leader who tries to apply yesterday's solutions to today's problems. 

Fee: $75

Full Day Master Academy @ Spring Institute

March 13, 2017       9am-4pm      (6 Contact Hours)
Presenter: Marche Fleming-Randle  

Season Change and So Do We
As we develop effective ways to facilitate dialogue with employees, stakeholders and city officials in a way that lets you maintain control while moving into a more social media, technologic and advanced workplace.

The Struggle is Real: Staying Right Side Up When Things are Turned Upside Down
Learn to shift your mindset and wlak away with a set of skills to help you deal with the struggles you face in your career.  You will leave with a positive, can-do attitude which can lead to higher levels of productivity and greater health and happiness.

Lions, Tigers and Mayors - Oh My! Dealing with Difficult Elected Officials
The truth is that dealing with difficult officials can make our lives miserable and negatively impace our communities if we aren't equipped with the tools needed to cope with them.  Come learn how to be flexible enough to deal with flying monkeys, but remain strong and respected while maintaining your relationships and your job.

Workforce Drama: Dealing wiht Gernations X, Y and Sometimes Z
This session will look at leadership styles and preferences that may be different, not to mention the increasingly diverse lines of communication and culture.

OOPS, I Did It Again: Ethical Dilemmas
This session can help you stay out of the "red zone" of trouble


Fee: $125


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Full Day Master Academy @ MML Conference - To Be Announced

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